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Centers, institutes, nonprofits, universities and research organizations committed to the conversation about work and faith are increasing rapidly. As the conversation grows, ACU’s Center for Vocational Formation is committed to partner and collaborate with organizations interested and invested in this work. Our work is better when learn with and from others pursuing God’s longing for the world to be a place where humans flourish.

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Christians at Work, based on a Barna Group study conducted in partnership with ACU, offers a broad and introspective assessment of a sense of vocation in the church, specifically through one’s employment. In addition to new findings about how Christians engage with their calling and career, this report includes full-color infographics, interviews with practitioners and leaders in a variety of industries, and an introduction to the various models of faith and work integration.

Christians at Work is a timely, thorough resource to equip church leaders for more effective vocational discipleship, and will in turn empower Christians to embrace their callings and make a difference through their professions.

List of Partners
Duncum Center Solutions
Duncum Center Solutions offers training, consulting and crisis intervention to equip your organization to build more collaborative teams, better understand and communicate your organizational culture, and leverage conflict situations into opportunities for growth.
Siburt Institute for Christian Ministry
ACU’s Siburt Institute for Christian Ministry helps equip churches to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges by connecting them to relevant resources. It serves as a responsive link between ACU and churches by providing information, research, resources and services to churches and in responding to the needs, requests and inquiries from church leaders, ministers and teachers.
Nashville Institute for Faith and Work
The Nashville Institute for Faith and Work aims to equip, connect and mobilize Christians to integrate their faith and their work for the flourishing of Nashville and beyond.
Opus: The Art of Work
Opus helps Wheaton College prepare its students for lifelong work that honors God and fosters human flourishing. Through curricular enhancements, staff and faculty development, direct-to-student programming, and speakers, Opus provides resources on vocational discernment, institutional and civic responsibility, and redemptive imagination for the workplace and the world.
Denver Institute for Faith & Work
Denver Institute for Faith & Work is an educational nonprofit dedicated to forming men and women to serve God, neighbor, and society through their work. Through public events, vocational communities, media and educational resources, and a nine-month spiritual and professional development fellowship, we equip Christians to serve the people of Denver through our industries and our work.
Sacred Ordinary Days
Sacred Ordinary Days creates holistic and rich resources for Christian spiritual formation. Our tools are rooted in ancient practices and rhythms, but translated with a clean aesthetic and accessible language. Ultimately, we believe that helping people grow in Christlikeness will build the Church and, in turn, the Kingdom. The building blocks are sacred, ordinary days.
The Center for Faith and Work
The Center for Faith & Work explores and investigates the gospel’s unique power to renew hearts, communities and the world, in and through our day-to-day work. As the cultural renewal arm of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, it fosters, shepherds, and empowers the church as it is scattered, living and working out in the world, beyond the walls of any one gathered place of worship.
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